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Kanha Makhan Public School, Mathura
Kanha Makhan Public School is committed to creating a safe & supportive environment that involves each student in a wide range of learning experiences. These are designed to provide a balance of Academic, artistic & social opportunities, there by encouraging students to life their aspirations to the highest level of their capabilities & interests.

Director's Desk
In today's world, where the society is increasingly divided in to smaller segments, KMPS remains as a community rich in its integrity, where honesty, humor & hard work from the basis of an educational process ...

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Principal's Desk
Kanha Makhan Public School is the amalgamation of competent teachers, state of the art infrastructure, an idyllic setting and an experienced and efficient administration, the school came into the existence with ...

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Sampoorna Vidhya
The Quest of Sampoorna Vidhya begins within one's self. It is a journey of self-realization & discovery. At Kanha Makhan School we believe in being the force that helps children realize their individual potential.