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Kanha Makhan Kids Pride

Knowledge without ethics can’t turn a person into personality. Focusing on school tagline. Indian with such international approach. We firmly believe that our students should blunt enough when it comes to the “RACE OF LIFE “.

KANHA MAKHAN KIDS PRIDE provides each of its student’s immense opportunity to excel and develop their personality by specifically designed curriculum of school.

 Our Visison :

KMKP provide a strong foundation to New & Existing Preschool with the vision to provide the best education & environment for overall development of young minds, we recognize that on any journey.

 Best -Rate awarded curriculum :

We have designed our curriculum after a lot of research and studies then taken the best for our students .we have latest technology with the best learning aids and strong academic team.

 Dedicated Team:

We are a team of working professional who believes in continuous improvement and learning .The team is eager to bring change in the society by providing exemplary service in the field of early education.

Message From
Mrs. Shilpi Agrawal
Head Mistress, KMKP

Kanha Makhan Kids Pride is a place where Personalities are shaped with great Experiences. I Shilpi Agrawal really feel honored and privileged to be the head mistress of this School. We are always excited and look forward to work with our students, staff, and parents to make the school best, for a complete personality which has to have a balance of physical, emotional, social, and spiritual power. The new generation of Children belongs to those who are knowledgeable, principled Communicators, open-minded, risk-takers. And reflectively guided by these virtues will run our academics and activities keeping in mind a potential of the child and then to nurture it.
Kanha Makhan Kids Pride School offers a spectrum of activities leading to multiple experiences and engagements among students. Each of these activities is like the beads of a rosary tied to a common thread of trust. The spacious airy, naturally lighted, beautiful classrooms and the sitting surroundings are led by our experienced and well qualified teachers. The best pedagogical practices, along with the world-class infrastructure, make it more convenient for our students to learn and grow. We enjoy celebrating successes and acknowledging the hard work of staff, students, and the community, and we believe this is one of the fundamental factors in a happy school environment. Staff, students, and the community should feel privileged, valued and appreciated.


KG 1
KG 2




Learning is a Pleasure not Pain.  

Encourages Participation.  

Mutual interaction.  

Modern facilities.  

Skill Enrichment Program.  

Child friendly course and modern curriculum.  

  Enhanced learning material developed by experts.

  Focus on child’s interest.

  Homely atmosphere.

  Language skill development.

  Learning and exploring.

  Parent’s involvement.

Our parents serve as our ultimate ambassadors!